Shaping diverse elements into a unified whole

Our name, esemplasis, derives from an adjective, esemplastic, which is defined as “moulding into one; unifying”. Hence, to us, the noun esemplasis means “the process of shaping diverse elements into a unified whole” – bringing everything together.

Why is this appropriate? Because, we believe that esemplasis is a great definition of design. You cannot look at challenges from just one perspective. You need to consider all the factors involved, shape them, and then unify them to make successful decisions.

Our global innovation consultancy is positioned to do just that.

What we do

Products and projects that make a difference

How we do it

Our services, skills and methods


We are technical, artistic, culturally sensitive, but most of all human-centred.  Through our projects and life-experience, we are able to think in a broader way.  We compliment and augment our own experience by means of our extensive network of partners who put their particular specialisms to use on our projects.  We don’t have a large core team, but that means less red-tape to start projects and allows us to be nimble in responding to customer needs.

What services do we offer?

  • Research
    • By conducting empathetic research, we look into human needs to discover user-insights and opportunities for innovation.
    • We map user journeys
    • We conduct trend and technology research to inform product roadmaps
    • Field testing of products
    • Development of user-personas
  • Strategy
    • Based on solid research, we assist in synthesising data to form strategic insights and identify directions and opportunities
    • Development of brand identity and guidelines
    • Development of design language documentation
    • Consulting
  • Design
    • We seek to develop solutions based on the insights and create tangible products to bring benefit to people
    • Concept generation and refinement
    • Proof of concept prototyping
    • Industrial design
    • Graphic design
    • Packaging design (structural and graphics)
  • Implementation
    • We have manufacturing experience, with most if not all of our products being mass-produced
    • Development of production documentation
    • Cost-down assessments for existing products
    • Production liaison
    • Market introduction of new products

Our aim in all of this is to create high-quality yet low-cost products and solutions which are useful, durable and life-changing.


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Who we are

A global design collective lead by a core nucleus

  • Corina Rauch


    A multi-lingual educator with a global understanding and empathy for people of all backgrounds.

  • Robin Chilton


    A designer, an engineer, but mostly a people person ...

  • Candy Kwok


    Maintaining order behind-the-scenes!

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Work with us, join us

Correspondence Address:

Elise Blake Limited, Rm.1104 Crawford House, 70 Queen’s Road Central, Central District, Hong Kong SAR

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We often relocate our team around the world for projects, but we are also looking to open a new permanent studio in the United Kingdom to serve clients there and in Europe.

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